FLM 55GX/QLB-60 Ball Head


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Product Overview

A powerful, steady and reliable ball head.

Featuring the QLB-60, an adjustable, lever-actuated Arca-type clamp.

FLM's new GX series ball heads are incredibly light, strong and creep-free. With a simplified but highly effective friction lever, these ball heads can outperform larger ball heads in stability and precision.

The GX series features a low-profile design, a beautifully anodized satin-surface ball, short-travel pan control and the popular, FLM-designed 15˚ Stop function.

These ball heads are built to last, offering the same 10-year warranty as our previous FT series heads, and will never weigh you down.

Includes the FLM QLB-60 clamp, a lever-actuated, proven clamp design that also features adjustable jaw width.

  • Recommended tripods: CP30, CP34
  • Recommended camera type: DSLR (full-frame and crop sensor), Medium Format (film & digital)
  • Recommended lenses: 150-600mm, 400mm

Additional information

Head Type

Ball Head

Base Mount

3/8"-16 Thread

Camera Mounting Screw

3/8"-16 Male

Load Capacity

88.2 lbs / 40kg

Ball Diameter

2.17" / 55mm


1.0 lbs / 456g


3.58" / 91mm

Base Diameter

2.28" / 58mm

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