Cork or no cork?

Q: Why do you use cork in your ball heads, QR plates and tripods?

A: We don't use cork, we use a cork/rubber blend; this gives us the benefits of both materials, and none of the drawbacks of these materials. Not all cork is the same: Using only a rubber surface will increase the vibration characteristics. Using only a cork surface will make it highly sensitive to weather conditions.  This is why FLM exclusively uses a cork/rubber blend between the camera and our products.  It combines both benefits: the cork serves as vibration dampening – similar to cork floors – while the rubber provides weather resistance and adhesion, to ensure good support for your camera.

Arca Compatible?

Q: Are your clamps Arca-compatible?

A: Yes, all of our clamps and plates are Arca-compatible. Both the QLB and SRB clamps will accept any quick-release plates that are described by the manufacturer as being "Arca-compatible".


Q: Why are your products more expensive than some other manufacturers?

A: We use the highest standards of engineering, the best materials, the best suppliers, and stand behind the superiority of our products beyond any manufacturer of similar items. We challenge anyone to find higher quality, or fit and finish. We use only the highest-quality materials in our carbon fibre and aircraft-grade aluminum. Our equipment is made with scientific applications partly in mind, giving our manufacturing a very high degree of precision and stability. If a manufacturer cannot tell you the same thing, then they can't guarantee their products for very long. We guarantee our ball heads and tripods for 10 years. In this respect, buying FLM will cost you far less than buying other gear.

Made in Germany?

Q: Are all of your products made in Germany?

A: Not any more. In December 2022, FLM Germany announced an end to FT ball head production, leaving FLM Canada and FLM China to create a new head that would continue the tradition of precision and stability FLM is known for. With the arrival of the 47GX and 55GX ball heads, we feel the new GX series surpasses the previous generation in every aspect, and they are lighter, smaller and more powerful.

Onward and upward!

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