FLM 36GX Ball Head


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Product Overview

Tiny, full-featured and powerful ball head.

The new 36GX ball head, part of the GX series, will impress with its compact size and remarkable strength. Made for smaller tripods such as the CP10, CP22 and CP26 series, the 36GX can easily accept any QR clamp.

Perfect for small cameras where total carrying weight is important.

The 36GX uses friction and pan controls, and it has the 15˚ Stop function.

It includes a reversible 1/4" - 3/8" mounting screw.

  • Recommended clamp: SRB-40, QLB-50
  • Recommended tripod: CP10, CP22, CP26

Additional information


6.6 oz / 188g

Base Diameter

1.85" / 47mm

Load Capacity

39.6 lbs / 18kg


2.3" / 58.4mm

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