FLM HB-100 Half Ball for CP38 & Atlas Tripod


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The FLM HB-100 Half Ball Leveler for CP38 and Atlas Series tripod legs features a top-mounted bubble level and a telescoping handle, allowing the HB-100 to extend its handle from 3.5" to 4.8" long.

It's a 100mm half-ball adapter that gives 15˚ levelling in all directions while keeping your camera at a low centre of gravity.

The FLM HB-100 Half Ball leveler for CP38 and Atlas Series tripod legs is a 100mm half-ball adapter that will fit into the FLM CP38 directly, to the Atlas with the CC-100 adapter, or to any other tripod legs that use a 100mm bowl. The HB-100 features a top-mounted bubble level, and a telescopic handle. The handle can be made shorter by pushing it in when shooting low to the ground. In regular use, the handle can be kept longer for extra leverage when tightening the HB-100 or adjusting a camera.

The HB-100 allows up to 15° of leveling adjustment in any direction, making it very easy to level your tripod head without having to make leg adjustments.
The top platform of the half ball, where the head mounts, is covered in a natural cork and rubber composite. This helps minimize vibration, while making the material less susceptible to the effects of humidity and weather. The half-ball adapter incorporates a 3/8"-16 screw that allows you to mount a flat base tripod head with a standard 3/8"-16 threaded mount. Three set screws help secure your tripod head to the HB-100 adapter.

Additional information


Aluminum Alloy, Cork/Rubber


15° in Any Direction

Mounting Screw

3/8"-16 Male


ø 3.9" (99mm), Min 3.5", Max 4.8"


15.3 oz / 435g

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