FLM CP26-TM2 Tripod


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Product Overview

Lightweight and strong, this is the tripod for photographers who need to move quickly and support their gear properly.

The new FLM CP26-TM2 tripod is a perfect tripod for those who don't like carrying heavy tripods in the field. Lightweight and strong, it can handle a surprising amount of camera gear thanks to its unusual 2-section leg design. While it doesn't pack very compactly, it's a great solution for anyone who needs the lightest tripod that will still get the job done.

Built to be as light and quick-to-use as possible, the CP26-TM2 does not have ratcheting leg angle locks or a slot for a hook, and the grips are made of lighter aluminum than our usual grips. The inverted design of the tubes means the thickest leg sections are on the bottom, allowing for easy waist-level adjustment. The quick set-up time and comfortable working height help make this an ideal tripod for the photographer on the move who also needs reliable support.

  • Max height - 57.75" (147cm)
  • Min height - 3.93" (10cm)
  • Folded length - 34" (86.3cm)
  • Resting height - 31.75" (80.6cm)
  • Weight - 2.27 lbs. (1.03kg)
  • Load capacity - 26.4 lbs (12kg)
  • Tube ø - 22mm, 26mm
  • Folded ø - 2.3" (60mm)
  • Platform ø - 1.75" (45mm)

Includes rubber feet, spiked feet and tool kit.



Additional information

Maximum Working Height

57.75" / 147cm

Minimum Working Height

3.93" / 10cm

Resting Height

31.75" / 80.6cm


2.27 lbs / 1.03kg

Load Capacity

26.5 lb / 12 kg

Folded Length

34" / 86.3cm

Base Diameter

1.75" / 44mm

Base Mount

3/8"-16 Thread

Bubble Level



2.4" / 60.0 mm

Foot Features

3/8"-16 thread mount, Removable, Rubber, Spiked

Tube Diameter

22mm, 26mm

Leg Lock Type

Twist Lock

Leg Sections



10x Carbon, Aluminum Alloy

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