FLM CP22-M2 II Tripod

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Lightweight and strong, this is the tripod for photographers who need to move quickly and support their gear properly.

The new CP22-M2 II tripod from FLM is a perfect tripod for those who don't like carrying large, heavy tripods in the field. Lightweight and strong, it can handle a surprising amount of camera gear thanks to its unusual 2-section leg design. While it doesn't pack very compactly, it's a great solution for anyone who needs the lightest tripod that will still get the job done. Built to be as light and quick-to-use as possible, the CP22-M2 does not have ratcheting leg angle locks or a slot for a hook, and the grips are made of lighter aluminum than our usual grips. Each leg can be unscrewed and used as a monopod or makeshift walking/hiking stick. The quick set-up time and comfortable working height help make this a tripod for the photographer on the move who also needs reliable gear support.

  • Max height - 55.5" (141cm)
  • Min height - 3.75" (9.5cm)
  • Folded length - 33" (83.8cm)
  • Resting height - 30.5" (77.5cm)
  • Weight - 2.01 lbs. (912g)
  • Load capacity - 17.6 lbs (8kg)
  • Tube ø - 22mm, 19mm
  • Folded ø - 2.4" (61mm)
  • Platform ø - 1.75" (45mm)

Includes spiked feet and tool kit.



Additional information

Maximum Working Height

55.5" / 141cm

Minimum Working Height

3.75" / 9.5cm

Resting Height

30.5" / 77.5cm


2.0 lbs / 912g

Load Capacity

17.6 lb / 8kg

Folded Length

33" / 84cm

Base Diameter

1.75" / 44mm

Base Mount

3/8"-16 Thread

Bubble Level



2.4" / 60.0 mm

Foot Features

3/8"-16 thread mount, Removable, Rubber, Spiked

Tube Diameter

19mm, 22mm

Leg Lock Type

Twist Lock

Leg Sections



10x Carbon, Aluminum Alloy

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