In early 2019, FLM Germany announced that beginning in Fall 2019, production of tripods and tripod accessories would be handled by its Asian distributor, FLM China. German engineers had been working with their Chinese counterparts for the better part of a year, in anticipation of the new Series II tripods.
Then, in December 2022, FLM Germany announced an end to FT ball head production. This left the two other branches of the company, FLM Canada and FLM China, to create a new head that would continue the tradition of precision and stability FLM is known for. With the arrival of the 47GX and 55GX ball heads, we feel the new GX series surpasses the previous generation in every aspect. They are lighter, smaller and more powerful.

FLM China has been manufacturing tripods and parts for its own market for several years, building a well-deserved reputation for innovation and precision. The same high standards and precision will now run through the DNA of the new GX-series ball heads.

With tripod and ball head manufacturing now properly focused, our overall production quality is better and more consistent than ever, enabling us to keep prices affordable. Design and implementation will take place faster than before, and there are already several bold, new tripod and ball head models in development and/or production. Quality control has never been better. Tariffs into North America will remain unaffected, further helping to keep prices stable.

We believe that our new Series II carbon tripods and GX ball heads are the best we've ever made, and we will continue to offer our industry-leading 10-year manufacturer's warranty for the US and Canada.

Our customers have always come first, and we know you will love these new tripods and tripod heads. ​We greatly appreciate your continued support.

​Thank you.
​Ari - FLM USA & Canada
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